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MBHS IMC Home Page: Online Digital tools

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Affirmative Parental Consent to use Online Digital Tools

In order to comply with two federal laws, FERPA and COPPA, schools should obtain affirmative parental consent before asking students to register for accounts or submitting any personally identifiable information with any online digital tool.

Teachers can sort products listed in the MCPS database of Online Digital Tools by status: approved, use responsibly, prohibited, or under review. This database is always updated. Teachers can also suggest new products for evaluation. 

The most frequently used tools at MBHS are listed on the combined G-Suite Additional Services & Supplemental Online Digital Tools Affirmative Parental Consent form. This form must be electronically signed by parents in order for students to use these tools in the course of instruction.

Many of these tools are available in the Chrome Web Store. 


See these tips from Common Sense Education to help ensure the privacy of your students in your MBHS online classroom environment.

Essential Teaching Tools

Content Tools - Essentials

Newsela Pro is currently being offered for free. Blair previously had a Pro Account and many of our teachers are currently registered users. Use your account to login.

Content Tools - Free Access

Engagement & Assessment

RIght now, Blair has a trial to the full EDpuzzle. See if it will work for you and your students long term. AppSmash EdPuzzle and Screencastify to make the most of your efforts and encourage students to show theirs!

Portfolio and Research Tools

Presentation Tools

Quiz and Student Response apps

Fine Arts