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English: English Home Page

English class projects

English Classes

English 9 English 10 English 11 English 12 Electives

Ms. Rao &
Ms. Rollins

To Kill a Mockingbird

Ms. Mathews

Hobbies & interests research

Mr. Goldman
Art analysis research project

Ms. Pundzak
Ms. Rao
Mr. Williams
Black Boy
Controversial Issues 

Dr. Smith
Controversial Issues

Ms. Whitney
Mr. Williams
10B Honors Research Paper

AP Language

Mr. Anderson
Huck Finn

Mr. Horne
AP Language Research Paper

Mrs. Tinsley Research Paper

Ms. Blake
Mr. Horne

The Crucible
A Lesson Before Dying
Cuckoo’s Nest
The Great Gatsby

Ms. Mathews
Juvenile Justice

Ms. O'Connor

Other Projects:

Mr. Clay
Why Shakespeare (Culminating Activity)

Mr. Goldman (Honors)

Responding to a Global Issue with Satire

National Core Texts Project

Mr. Goldman & Ms. Weintrop
Global Issues

Mr. Horne
Why Shakespeare? (Culminating Activity)

Ms. Rubinovitz and Mr. Landau

Ms. Lyons
Theater Program

Dr. Smith
Global Issues
The Things They Carried

Ms. Mathews
Your Life This Far

Mrs. Tinsley
Colliding Cultures

Other projects:

Harlem Renaissance

This Boy’s Life