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Social Issues Research Paper

Social Issues Research Paper  Requirements:

  • At least 5 Sources (3 of them cannot be articles already handed to you)
  • Thesis Statement
  • Research Paper using MLA format --- rough draft and final draft (3-5 pages)
  • Bibliography following MLA formatuse Noodletools to create your bibliography and share your work with Ms. Nestuk's Noodletools drop-box.
  • All typed work to be Times New Roman, 12 pt., DOUBLE SPACED


Trending Pro/Con Leading Issues




Class Time

Thursday, 4/16

Day 1 in Media Center:

* Choose topic

*  Start to create thesis

*  Start finding sources


Monday, 4/20

Day 2 in Media Center:

*  Get thesis statement approved (10 pts)

*  Complete notes sheets for sources – #1 & #2 of 3 are DUE @ the end of class (20 pts each)


Wednesday, 4/22

Day 3 in Media Center:

*  Intro Noodlebib

*  Complete notes sheets for sources – #3 of 3 is DUE @ 8:10am (20 pts)

*  Start typing rough draft of research paper


Tuesday, 4/28

Day 4 in Media Center:

*  Finish rough draft of research paper – DUE Friday, 5/1 (50 points)

*  Bibliography – DUE Friday, 5/1 (20 pts)


Thursday, 5/1

Rough Draft & Bibliography DUE @ the BEGINNING of class.

No Media Center time.


This paper is a step-by-step process that has been planned out on the calendar above. You need to stay on top of your work and complete each step on time.

All DUE DATES and DEADLINES are the same day.