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Subscription Online Databases from Blair: Databases by Publisher

Database Services from MCPS and from our local funds. These databases are a very good source for your research papers. Most of them include the MLA format for the article.


ABC-CLIO ebooks Collection 

  American Government (ABC-CLIO)

Information about the political and economic systems of the United States and analysis and research support concerning key questions in the history and function of American government.

 American History (ABC-CLIO)

Primary source documents, reference and full-text journal articles covering themes, events, individuals, and periods in U.S history.

 Daily Life Through History (ABC-CLIO)

Details about past eras that make historical accounts relevant and meaningful from their modern-day perspectives.

  Issues Understanding Controversy and Society (ABC-CLIO)

Provides students authoritative context, diverse expert perspectives, and carefully selected primary and secondary sources for truly understanding the issues that currently affect much of our global society.

 World at War (ABC-CLIO)

Provides overviews of conflicts, the opponents, causes & consequence, statistics, images, maps, and video to conflicts from exploration of the New World to the present.

Brain Pop


Discovery Education

EBSCO (Works only with Chrome browser)

Encyclopædia Britannica

The Publisher for these databases is Encyclopedia Britannica


Read the original words of more than 1,500 authors who made and analyzed American history through their speeches, writings, memoirs, poems, and interviews.


A great encyclopedia to start your research with current information. the content is written by experts. Access to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, News, Spotlight and Research tools.

Britannica's Spanish language encyclopedia.

Britannica's Japanese language encyclopedia.

A great encyclopedia to start your research with current information in Spanish.

Includes the traditional encyclopedia for quick facts and in-depth information with three different levels.

A great encyclopedia to start your research with current information in French.

A great encyclopedia to start your research  in French for younger learners.

Great resources to find unique pictures.

The largest, most comprehensive American dictionary available

Create tables and charts comparing countries across multiple statistical categories. Data reflects the most recent available statistics.
Data spans up to 90 years.



Gale Cengage

CLiC Instructor Access - For Social Studies classes

Students will use this online learning tool in Social studies classes to supplement classroom learning. Your teachers will provide login information for you.


Gale Cengage e-books (Gale Cengage) - search all of our Gale Cengage eBooks at once

Global Issues in Context (Gale Cengage)

Global perspectives on issues of international importance and current world events and topics.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context (Gale Cengage)

Articles from many sources exploring all sides of controversial issues.

Student Resources in Context (Gale Cengage)

Reference source on people, places, and events in history, web links. Includes periodical articles, scientific terms and concept.


U.S. History Resource (Gale Cengage)

Provides reference, newspaper, video, images, and other primary sources.  Search by topic then narrow.

Infobase (Facts on File)

Classroom Video on Demand (Infobase Facts-On-Life)

Search for instructional video from a variety of producers such as Films for the Humanities and Sciences, the BBC and more.

Teachers: Capture links and create playlists to customize a video program for your students. See the media center staff for help.Offers thousands of top-quality videos and clips across the entire high school curriculum, including life skills and guidance.


  African-American History Online ((Infobase Facts-On-Life)

Features thousands of cross-referenced entries, covering the entire spectrum of African-American history over the past 500 years


   Issues & Controversies (Infobase Facts-On-Life).

Provides exclusive, extensive coverage of hundreds of today's hot topics, with unbiased analysis and rich related resources.

 Issues & Controversies in American History  (Infobase Facts-On-Life

Builds a deeper understanding of how historical events have shaped our nation by exploring the key players and the battles they fought.


   Life in America Online (Infobase Facts-On-Life)

Offers a fascinating glimpse into the social history of the nation, covering everything from food to pastimes in nine different eras.


Nature Publishing Group

Oxford University Press

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Salem Press e-books


SIRS Knowledge Source

Teaching Books

TumbleWeed Press