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English class projects

English Classes

English 9 English 10 English 11 English 12 Electives

Ms. Rao &
Ms. Rollins

To Kill a Mockingbird

Ms. Mathews

Hobbies & interests research

Mr. Goldman
Art analysis research project

Ms. Pundzak
Ms. Rao
Mr. Williams
Black Boy

Dr. Smith
1984 & Night 

Ms. Whitney
Mr. Williams
10B Honors Research Paper

AP Language
Huck Finn
Death of a Salesman / Fences

Ms. Blake
Mr. Horne

The Crucible
A Lesson Before Dying
Cuckoo’s Nest
The Great Gatsby

Ms. Mathews
Juvenile Justice

Ms. O'Connor

Other English Projects:

Ms. Adamson
Harlem Renaissance

Mr. Clay
Why Shakespeare (Culminating Activity)

Ms. Glick
This Boy’s Life

Mr. Goldman (Honors)
National Core Texts Project

Mr. Goldman & Ms. Weintrop
Global Issues

Mr. Horne
Why Shakespeare? (Culminating Activity)

Ms. Lyons
Theater Program

Dr. Smith
Global Issues
The Things They Carried

Ms. Mathews & Ms. Glick
Your Life This Far