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History of Medicine: Home

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Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy. Photograph. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest.

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BBC - Historic Figures page dedicated to Watson and Crick. Photos, basic information.

The British Library

Ancient Civilizations - links to online exhibits on Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Ancient India, Ancient China, Early Imperial China, and Mughal India. Requires Macromedia Flash Player (may not work at school).

Bodies of Knowledge - Provides images of the body and perspecitives on how societies have looked at the body and studied its function. Includes links to images Vesalius's Renaissance anatomy lessons.

History - look on the pages for Medieval Realms, the Georgians (1714-1830), and the Victorians (1837-1901).

Cherokee Cultural Society of Houston Cherokee Messenger- a link to herbal medicines and the origins of disease. Found by Mr. Haigh's class!

Dorling Kindserley Clip Art - you may be able to find some great images here.

Heath Guidance - a link to an article on Prehistoric Medicine. Found by Mr. Haigh's class!

Health Techologies Timeline - describes innovations in medical technology since 1903.

History of Medicine - provides an interactive timeline to the practice of medicine from antiquity to present.

History World - a timeline of medicine and health through history. Found by Mr. Haigh's class!

Indiana University- Health and Medicine in Ancient Cultures - textual information on ancient health practices in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Greece.

National Library of Medicine

Classics of Traditional Chinese Medicine - presents information on traditional Chinese medicine including some of the oldest information in the National Library of Medicine.

Dream Anatomy - recommended by your teachers.

Greek Medicine - provides a brief history of Ancient Greek Medicine.
Historical Anatomies on the Web - A collection of digitized images from historical anatomy books from many cultures.

Images from the History of Medicine - a searchable database of images.

Islamic Medical Manuscripts - see a glossary of medical and book-making terms and a brief overview ofIslamic medical history.

New York Times - a link to an article about the medicines from the bag of the prehistoric "iceman." Found by Mr. Haigh's class!


The Age of Aids - showed how our thinking about AIDS changed as AIDS changed the world.

The Doctor over Time - shows how medicine has evolved since 1900 and compares current treatments with previous medical practice.

St. Boniface College - page on Prehistoric Medicine. Found by Mr. Haigh's class!

University of New South Wales - Development History- History of Science - Index. Provides chronologically arranged brief introductions to milestones and achievements in medicine.

University of Virginia Health System

Antiqua Medicina - an online exhibit of ancient medicine.

Surgical Instruments from Ancient Rome - images and descriptions of surgical instruments excavated from the House of the Surgeon at Pompeii.

Wall Street Journal - Desperate Times. A timeline of medical advances due to war.