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English: The Great Gatsby

Are you living the dream?

GALEWiLL founder Bob McKinnon has created an interactive tool to quantify how likely the American Dream is to be within reach of an individual in America.

Find out your American Dream Score!

Assignment: AP Language Research Paper

Databases - use your planbook for the passwords

eBooks for The Great Gatsby from Salem Press

Books on your Gatsby Reserve Cart

Research Tools

Resources on the Great Gatsby

The New Yorker - "The Serious Superficiality of The Great Gatsby" by Joshua Rothman

Great Analysis of Gatsby: The real achievement of “Gatsby,” in other words, is that it shows us a state of mind. It’s a state of spiritual hunger and dissatisfaction, of restlessness and curiosity, of excitement and anticipation.

National Public Radio- How "Gatsby" went from a moldering flop to a great American novel

Audio from National Public Radio's  discussing the significant impact The Great Gatsby made on American culture.