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Holocaust Remembrance Week: Holocaust Remembrance Week

Media Center Exhibit


We hope we have allotted enough time for the exhibit. In all likelihood, there might be too much content. Links are supplied for videos should you want to review them in class. Stations and activities do not need to take place in order. Please stay with your students and keep them together as a class.

Station 1 - Conference Room A

Station 3 - Poster Exhibit & Capture Sheet

Station 5 (Large TV near head-in room)


Station 2 - Media Center Counters

Words to Understand the Holocaust (word wall).

Station 4 - Conference Room B

Refugees (2 videos - 7 mins) and reflection.

Activity - Crossword Puzzle

Media Specialist

Activity - Large Screen TV Near Sofa (2 Videos - 12 mins)

Lunchtime Films

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit