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World War II - CAP: Home


Website - Dr. Simel

The Biography Maker - follow this guide when writing your biography.

Biography in Context - this link is to the Montgomery County Public Library site. Scroll down the A-Z list of databases to B and click on Biography Resource Center. This is the best source for biographies on the web!

Oneota State University: see Dr. Katherine Angell's History of Costume in the 1940s.

Locate photos at

World War II - CAP

U.S. WORLD WAR II POSTER. - 'Strong in the strength of the Lord, we who fight in the people's cause will never stop until that cause is won.' American World War II poseter, 1942.

U.S. WORLD WAR II POSTER. - 'Strong In The Strength Of The Lord, We Who Fight In The People's Cause Will Never Stop Until That Cause Is Won.' American World War II Poseter, 1942.. Fine Art. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 11 Mar 2013.


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Website - Ms. Jeral

Newspaper and Radio: The Mass Media during World War II

Radio News - Edward R. Murrow and his Radio News. Audio clips included as well.

Radio Hall of Fame: Murrow

Ernie Pyle from the Indiana University School of Journalism. Read some of his best columns.

USO and Bob Hope

YouTube - type in newsreel and "World war II" to see scores of newsreels of the time.

VI Corps Combat Engineers: fantastic source for posters, musical recordings by popular artists of the times, links to other sites with collections of music and broadcasts.

Website - Mr. Grossman

BBC - WWII from the British Broadcasting Corporation and Audio Clips from the BBC.

International Rescue Committee: the history of the organization from Hitler's rise to power.

Library of Congress:

Pearl Harbor

Veterans History Project - browse by war, then branch of service, to find oral histories of those who served.

National Geographic: Remembering Pearl Harbor you need headphones for this site.

PBS American Experience: The Zoot Suit Riots. Includes background, photos, transcripts from trials.

Smithsonian: The Price of Freedom. Click on supporting materials to find newsreels on some of your topics.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum - the ultimate resource for the Holocaust. Read (and hear) testimony from survivors, statistics, maps and more.

See specific links: The S.S. St. Louis; The Evan Conference; The United States and the Holocaust; US Policy Toward Jewish Refugees.

Exploring Japanese American Internment through film and the Internet

Rutgers University: Oral History project.

University of Houston: Digital History World War II - a quick overview of the era.

Yale University: Avalon Project: WWII documents - scroll down the page to find documents relating to WWII.