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Online Databases


ABC-CLIO E-Book - the following titles will work for you on this project:

Forensic Science: An Encyclopedia of History, Methods, and Techniques


Muscle Tissue Sample During Toxicology Research. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest. Web. 7 Mar 2013



CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) A history of famous poisonings - presents famous poisings in history.


Cornell University Poisonous Plants Information Database - see entries for selected poisonous plants.


Crime Library Forensics and Investigation – Forensic Toxicology


Dartmouth University Dartmouth Toxic Metals Research Program – find out the history of toxic metals, including cases in which they were featured.


A metals primer: click here for basic background on metals and their properties: Arsenic Mercury

Click to find information about these other metals: Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Lead, Nickel, and Silver.


Department of Agriculture Poisonous Plant Research - see fact sheets for selected toxic plants and the toxic syndrome they precipitate.


Centers for Disease Control Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) - Toxic substance portal.


Glossary of Terms and definitions: get help defining some of the scientific terms you may encounter.


ToxFAQs Information Sheets – see if your toxin is listed here.


  • Toxicological Profiles - read ToxProfiles to see specific health effects, and in-depth profiles, and chemical & physical information of selected toxic substances.


Food and Drug Administration Bad Bugs Book (2nd edition) - supplies basic information about foodborne pathogens and natural toxins. Includes information on human systems affected by toxins.


National Geographic- The Mummy's Curse: see for yourself what was found lurking within King Tut's Tumb.


National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism College Drinking: Changing the Culture - click here for reports and statistics on college age drinking.


National Park Service Environmental Contaminants Encyclopedia - click here for pdf files of (rather) lengthy articles on toxins.

B.B.C News: - "The drugs derived from deadly poisons"


Quiz yourself on the difference between elements and compounds.

Noodletools - use Noodletools to keep your notes and works cited list in one place.