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Synthesis Essay

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Photograph:Phiber Optik, mixed media sculpture-installation by Nam June Paik, 1995. Paik is considered the father of video art.Phiber Optik. Photograph. Encyclopedia Britannica. Web. 19 Mar. 2013.

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Film Clips

Film Clips

Beauty - The Beauty Backlash (Clip from Films Media Group Dove: Widening the Definition of Beauty)

Beauty - Prescribing Beauty (Clip from Films Media Group Complete Face Lift with Minor Implants)

Beauty - “The Science of Sex Appeal”(Discovery Communications)


Designer Babies: The Dangers of Corporate Genetic (Clip from Films Media Group on Genetic Engineering: No Easy Answers )

Harvest of Fear: What about This Fish? (Clip from Harvest of Fear)

How to Build a Human: Genetic Science in the 21st Century (Clip from Films Media Group First Cloned Human Embryo)

Organ Farm (Clip from the PBS Frontline video)


PBS Frontline - there are several full videos dealing with the war