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The Roarding Twenties


Databases for Events of the 1920s

Research Tools

DE Streaming: (Discovery Education) Use DE Streaming to find news clips, images and text. Great multimedia.
The student username: mcps followed by student ID (no space) (mcps111111); Student password: six digit student id (111111).

Ebooks (Gale / Cengage) search a variety of history ebooks at one time. Gale / Cengage password is in your planbook. Ms. Lamphier will provide the passwords for ABC-CLIO and Salem.

Noodletools - format your works cited page, create notecards and outline, and submit to your teacher's dropbox. - your teacher will provide your username and password for this assignment.

Literature and Drama (see Biographies section for Biographies!)

(Database) ProQuest Historical Newspapers - search for theater reviews and announcements, including for Civic Repertory Theater. Make sure you limit your search by decade, and click the review box if you want theater reviews.

(Database) ProQuest: Learning Literature - look for biographies of literary figures, along with criticism of their works and excerpts.

(Database) Student Resources in Context (Gale / Cengage) - essays on MODERNISM (click the Books tab), vaudeville, and theater in the 20s.

(Website) American Cultural History of the 20s - links to writers, artists, etc.

(Website) John Carroll University: Harlem Renaissance - a multimedia site exploring the connections between political issues, literature, philosophy and entertainment.

(Website) Library of Congress: The Harlem Renaissance and the Flowering of Creativity. Includes manuscripts, photographs, etc.

(Website) Internet Broadway Database - get information on all shows that played on Broadway

(Website) Musicals of the 20s - links to Broadway shows and the people who made them




Web sites for events of the 20s

Websites - Harlem Renaissance: a great source for basic biography and photos.

Cotton Club the official site of the Cotton Club

H.L. Mencken - overview and links to writings.

Library of Congress American Memory: 1920 Presidential Election. Listen to audio clips of presidential candidates.

Ohio State University: Temperance and Prohibition a multi-faceted site with a lot of internal links.

PBS Cotton Club from Ken Burns' "Jazz."

Red Hot Jazz a history of jazz before 1930

The Schomburg Center: Harlem 1900-1940: An African American Community.

University of Houston - Digital History: 1920s Music.

University of Missouri-Kansas (UMKC) School of Law Famous Trials: See the pages for The Scopes Trial & The Sacco and Vanzetti Case.