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Literature & History: Literature & History in Night and 1984

List A Questions

List A Questions will be more easily researched on the page for Night.

Researchable Issues List B - choose one topic to research

Historical and Political Events Occurring in Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Russia and Portrayed in Night and 1984.

  • Genocide

  • Revision of History

  • Control of the Press

  • Cult of personality

  • Indoctrination of Children by youth groups

  • Purge Trials

Researchable Issues List C - choose one topic to research

World War II Historical and Political Issues, Occurring in Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Russia, Portrayed in Night and 1984, and Still Playing a Role Today.


  • Cult of Personality
  • State Control of the Press

  • Creating Enemies: Raising Fear and Hatred

  • Social Conformity Systems: Physical and Mental Conformity

  • Abuse of Governmental Power: Destruction of Civil Liberties: Mass Surveillance

  • Police State Abuses

  • Prison Systems and Torture

  • Genocide / ethnic divisions and distrust

  • Anti-Semitism

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